Tax Free in France

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If you are a traveller who lives outside the European Union (EU), you may deduct value added tax (VAT) from the price of goods bought in France.

Warning: Not all retailers offer tax free shopping.

Shopping in France

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Come visit France and benefit from Tax Free Shopping. Feel free to shop as much as you like without paying tax!

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VAT Refund

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Before checking in your luggage at the airport, for your definite departure from the EU, you must present both the form and your purchased items for certification by Customs.

Tax Free procedure

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You may have access to all the information about tax free shopping on our internal website.

How to obtain a VAT Refund

More about obtaining VAT Refund

The goods that you buy must be retail purchases made as a visitor and not be for business purposes. The total value of your purchases (including VAT) at a single shop on the same day must be over €175.01. When you make your purchase, the retailer will give you a VAT refund form. The two pages of the form must be signed by you and the retailer.

Customs rules

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If you need information regarding Tax Free rules, all formalities are disclosed on our website or our partners’ websites.

French Customs

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Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to consult the French Customs official website.

Refund in store

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Would you like to offer Tax Free Shopping to your clients?

Do not hesitate to join us and our commercial team will call you back in the best delay.

Airport Cash Refund

More about the Airport Cash Refund

Let’s get your Refund in Cash at the Airport.
We have settled agreements with some famous partner (Travelex, American Express)

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